Tara Root

University: Florida Atlantic University

Department/Title: Department of Geosciences / Assistant Professor

Website: Go to Website

Current University Expertise:

Dr Root's primary research interests are groundwater chemistry and sustainability of water resources. Dr. Root's current avenues of research are water-rock interaction and the use of groundwater chemistry as a tool for delineating groundwater flow paths and characterizing surface water-groundwater interactions. A detailed understanding of surface water-groundwater interaction is necessary for developing models to predict how hydrologic systems will respond to climate change and planned municipal and regional water supply projects. Sustainability of water resources is another avenue of Dr. Root's research. She is particularly interested in 1) water use science and developing robust tools for quantifying water use, 2) investigating human perceptions of water availability and developing educational materials to promote conservation, and 3) evaluating how regulations, such as watering restrictions, influence water consumption. This research will be useful to municipalities and regulatory agencies as they plan for meeting both human and ecosystem demands for water at a time when the hydrologic system is adjusting to climate change.

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