Reed Noss

University: University of Central Florida

Department/Title: Science and Planning in Conservation Ecology/Director

Website: Go to Website

Current University Expertise:

Proposal - Dr. Reed Noss with Kresge Foundation modeling and spatially explicit re: SLR and evolutionary and phenotypic plasticity components. ; I am most interested in the biological impacts of sea level rise in Florida and in devising strategies to mitigate those impacts (i.e., adaptation strategies). I have conducted preliminary research on these topics, with a focus on species and natural communities of high conservation concern. I organized and led a symposium on sea level rise in Florida, held at Archbold Biological Station in January, 2010. I am guest-editing a special issue of Climatic Change on this issue, which contains some papers from this symposium and a couple new papers. I have no current research, as I am awaiting news on the status of several grants for which I have applied.

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