Scott Hagen

University: University of Central Florida

Department/Title: Civil and Environmental Engineering/Director of CHAMPS, Associate Professor

Website: Go to Website

Current University Expertise:

Coastal dynamics (ecosystem and the human infrastructure) of climate change. Late last year, I received a five-year, $3M grant from the NOAA / NOS / CSCOR Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise Research Program (NOAA Award Number NA10NOS4780146) that is focused on the northern Gulf of Mexico. My team includes biologists (landscape ecologist, marine scientist, marsh ecologist, as well as a staff biologist at NWFWMD), civil engineers (hydrologist with downscaling expertise, deterministic overland flow and transport modeling, & coastal hydroscience), coastal engineers (tide & storm surge modeling, 3D circulation & transport modeling, and coastal morphology), and last, but not least, a social scientist.

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