Courtney Hackney

University: University of North Florida

Department/Title: Department Chair, Professor and Director of the Coastal Biology Flagship Program

Website: Go to Website

Current University Expertise:

Two research interests have governed my work during the past 30 years. The first is the response of tidal wetlands to sea level rise and salt intrusion. Initially, my focus was on individual plant and animal species and their ecological role in tidal ecosystems, but increasingly my focus has shifted to the entire biotic community. Recent studies have focused on the community change associated with pulses of saline water into tidal swamps in the Southeastern U.S. Understanding this response is key to evaluating the impact humans will have on coastal water quality, fish and shrimp populations, and commercial fisheries as humans alter natural flows in rivers and tidal channels. My second research interest relates to coastal ecosystems, especially wetland communities, and the impact humans have and are having on those systems. This has led to service on a variety of state and federal regulatory and advisory boards. Most recently this interest has joined with my interest in sea level rise when dredging an estuary and port led to an upstream increase in tidal flooding. Current research began in 1999 and continues today. Summary reports are available at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Wilmington, NC website. Current research centers on the soil community in tidal swamps and carbon flux from these soils.

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