Jorge Restrepo

University: Florida Atlantic University

Department/Title: Department of Geosciences, Professor

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Current University Expertise:

Dr. Jorge I. Restrepo has been at Florida Atlantic University, in the department of geosciences, since 1992 working as both an associate professor and professor (1996-current). Dr. Restrepo's continuing studies focused on hydrology and statistics for his MS in 1977, as well as hydrology and water resources for his Ph.D. in 1987. Before coming to Florida Atlantic University Dr. Restrepo also worked with the South Florida Water Management District, Colorado State University, Integral Ltda and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Dr. Restrepo is a committee member of the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council focusing on sustainable underground storage of recoverable water. In the geosciences department Dr. Restrepo serves as a student supervisor and is on the P and T Committee. Beyond academic and committee work, Dr. Restrepo has had many honors and special assignments such as receiving awards for his research work and invitations to give lectures and presentations. The published work of Dr. Restrepo is varied and extensive. He has published in 17 conference papers, 8 publications, 18 peer-reviewed papers and 12 competitive research grants and/or contracts. Dr. Restrepo's current research interests include evapotranspiration in southern Florida, modeling recharge, evapotranspiration and runoff. Another focus of Dr. Restrepo's is the development of a Wetland Simulation Model. He has done several groundwater models for SFWMD. Dr. Restrepo also studies model conceptualization, and data compilation in GIS for a regional three-dimensional groundwater flow model

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