Brian Benscoter

University: Florida Atlantic University

Department/Title: Department of Biological Sciences & Environmental Science Program

Website: Go to Website

Current University Expertise:

Dr. Benscoter is a plant ecologist interested primarily in linkages between community and ecosystem ecology, as well as the influence of natural disturbances, particularly wildfire and drought, on ecological systems and the influence of climate change on future disturbance regimes. Current research in his lab ranges from species controls on soil decomposition to the effect of drought and fire on carbon emissions from natural and experimentally manipulated wetland ecosystems ranging geographically from Alaska, Canada, Michigan, and south Florida. Some methologies used in his lab's research include plant identification and quantitative community assessment, paleo-ecological reconstruction, plant tissue quality assays, GIS and remote sensing, plant and ecosystem gas exchange and nutrient cycling, and experimental manipulations of community and ecosystem structure.

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