Lydia Stefanova

University: Florida State University

Department/Title: Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Studies/Assistant Research Scientist

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Current University Expertise:

Dr. Lydia Stefanova is an assistant research scientist at the Florida State University's Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS). She is an expert in the assessment, modeling and application of global and regional climate variability and change. She is particularly interested in facilitating the use of climate information in the modeling of terrestrial and marine species and ecosystems and in hydrological and agricultural modeling. Her current research projects include: (1) the regional downscaling of climate models for the Southeast United States (see; (2) evaluating Atlantic hurricane activity and low-frequency large-scale climate variability in changing climate; (3) determining climate change effects in coastal inundation decision support systems; (4) analyzing the observed and modeled temperature and precipitation extremes in the Southeast United States: quantification, variability, and applications; and (5) assessin the utility of detailed climate information for agricultural modeling.

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