Florida Climate Change Task Force Workshop, November 14-15, 2011

Monday, November 14:

Dr. Jim Jones and Dr. Lynn Dudley - Welcoming Remarks (Runtime 6 minutes)

Steve Seibert - Keynote Address (Runtime 41 minutes)

Tuesday, November 15:

Dr. Jim Jones and Dr. Win Phillips - Welcoming Remarks for Morning Session (Runtime 6 minutes)

Dr. Jayantha Obeysekera - Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Florida (Runtime 47 Minutes)

Dr. Jennifer Ruth Seavey - Florida Biodiversity Under a Changing Climate (Runtime 17 minutes)

Dr. Vasubandhu Misra - Climate Scenarios: A Florida Centric View (Runtime 18 minutes)

Dr. Sebastian Galindo - Education,Training, and Outreach on Climate Change (Runtime 19 minutes)

Dr. Tara Root - Florida Water Management and Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change (Runtime 20 minutes)

Dr. Ernie Estevez - Coastal Ecosystems Framework for SLR Analysis (Runtime 22 minutes)

Thomas Eason - Florida Fish and Wildlife: Adapting to Climate Change (Runtime 12 minutes)

Dr. Alison Adams - Tampa Bay Water’s Climate Change Assessment Program (Runtime 13 minutes)

Todd Powell - Climate Change, Coastal Development & Common Sense (Runtime 12 minutes)

Panel Discussion, Moderated by Jim Mulrey - Panel Discussion (Runtime 19 minutes)

Pegeen Hanrahan - Local Government Climate Change Initiatives (Runtime 19 minutes)

Steve Adams - Regional Climate Adaptation Initiatives: An Overview of the Practice (Runtime 14 minutes)

Dr. Fred Bloetscher - Managing Florida’s Water in the Face of Climate Change (Runtime 14 minutes)

Rayburn Butts - Addressing Climate Changes: Major Industry Policies & Programs (Runtime 14 minutes)

Panel Discussion, Moderated by Steve Seibert - Questions to Economic and Policy Panel (Runtime 31 minutes)

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